So often, in our quest for the perfect investment, we forfeit months, even years of valuable investment time. It’s true that a horrible investment isn’t much better than not investing but most likely, you’re not considering any horrible investments. Real Estate and Stocks have been, and continue to be, fantastic investments in the long term. […]

We’ve been investigating the Biblical instruction regarding fairness and God’s will regarding finances and trying to determine the most Biblically accurate approach to Monetary Policy. I think we’ve done a fair job of debunking the idea that God is expressly socialistic, but can we determine with certainty that He’s all in for Capitalism? Keep in […]

Let’s talk about generosity vs. compulsion today. Whenever I hear the argument, “higher taxes = doing your part” or “civic duty,” I involuntarily cringe a little. Let’s be honest – involuntary confiscation of my income really isn’t any different than stealing. Even if others benefit from what has been taken by you; generosity- by definition, […]

Previously we discussed some of the economic and biblical stances in regard to wealth and sharing, but we really only determined that the story of the Rich Young Ruler does not necessarily prove that God supports redistributive policy on a governmental level. This purpose of this 2nd post is to take this point one step […]

I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t hear our president or somebody in congress make the claim that redistributive monetary policy is the most moral, according to the Bible. This is a typical talking point for the Democratic Party in defense of their efforts to raise taxes on the wealthy in America. […]

Shame is a trait shared universally by humans. The Bible discusses the origin of shame in Genesis 2 and chronologically, shame occurs almost immediately after creation. Shame was not part of how God made man, shame came as a result of disobeying God and and pursuing that which was forbidden (the only forbidden item in […]

If you have Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably witnessed approximately 10,000,000+ cases of poor dialogue (especially in the realms of religion and politics). Recycled rhetoric, name calling, fact distorting, and other poor forms of argument all serve to cloud good conversation in the name of defending our team or protecting our sacred cows. So how […]

Okay – here is the last installment of arguments that either need to go away or be SIGNIFICANTLY revisited. If you’ve ever wondered why your political affiliation believes a certain thing that you don’t, but you feel like you’re supposed to because you have an R or a D by your name – this post […]

In our first conversation, we talked about 1st Amendment protections and Gay Marriage to determine if there might be a better way to craft a Constitutional position without giving away the moral high ground. Today we’ll cover the next 2 – one that I think has hurt Christian Conservatives particularly and one that both sides […]

To kick off the Civic portion of the blog, I’ve compiled my top 6 Arguments that Conservatives suck at in 2014 and condensed them for your reading pleasure. Often, because of my circle of friends, I read posts defending a practice or position that I agree with, but nearly as often the reasons are vastly different. […]


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