“Everybody’s doing it,” really isn’t the best reason to do very many things but hopefully it serves to overcome the worst excuse for not building wealth, the “It’s too hard” excuse. I’m going to make some outrageous claims today that are all true but may be slightly hard to believe. Understanding these claims to be […]

Dollar Flying on Flagpole

Well, it’s a brand new year and a brand new list of resolutions that you want to tackle. One of the most common resolutions that people make (besides losing weight) is to get on a better financial track, usually starting with a budget. There are all kinds of budgets and all kinds of ways to […]


Welcome to Part 2 of our discussion regarding the morals of wealth building. This is the part where I do my best not to play the hypocrite and do exactly what I cautioned against in the previous post. I’m going to post some great reasons for building wealth but keep in mind that despite the […]

Bible and Money

One of the challenges people often have with building wealth is a conscious or sub-conscious aversion to acquiring more than they need. This is a commendable feeling and as much as I advocate for fiscal responsibility and planning, I also advocate for generosity and caution in allowing the goal of building wealth to consume you […]

There are many reasons that people never build meaningful wealth in their lifetimes: apathy, ignorance, procrastination, skepticism, etc.. Most of the people I speak to understand that if they ever want to be in a financial place to not need the income from their current career, their only option is to build wealth, yet many […]

Midas Mindset BLUE 140709

After fighting with various online distribution sources over the past 6 years, I decided that this year I’m going to partner with Amazon to allow them to do the heavy lifting. So with great excitement, I announce the re-launch of: The Midas Mindset: A Little Book About Big Finances You can find the book here: […]

So often, in our quest for the perfect investment, we forfeit months, even years of valuable investment time. It’s true that a horrible investment isn’t much better than not investing but most likely, you’re not considering any horrible investments. Real Estate and Stocks have been, and continue to be, fantastic investments in the long term. […]

We’ve been investigating the Biblical instruction regarding fairness and God’s will regarding finances and trying to determine the most Biblically accurate approach to Monetary Policy. I think we’ve done a fair job of debunking the idea that God is expressly socialistic, but can we determine with certainty that He’s all in for Capitalism? Keep in […]

Let’s talk about generosity vs. compulsion today. Whenever I hear the argument, “higher taxes = doing your part” or “civic duty,” I involuntarily cringe a little. Let’s be honest – involuntary confiscation of my income really isn’t any different than stealing. Even if others benefit from what has been taken by you; generosity- by definition, […]

Previously we discussed some of the economic and biblical stances in regard to wealth and sharing, but we really only determined that the story of the Rich Young Ruler does not necessarily prove that God supports redistributive policy on a governmental level. This purpose of this 2nd post is to take this point one step […]


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